Project Consultancy

RFR manages a range of diverse and challenging refurbishment projects, acting as your trusted and independent advisor throughout the process.  We believe that the key to a successful project lies in its systematic planning and we take a meticulous approach to putting the right professional team and processes in place to ensure design, costs and programming are feasible, fully detailed and aligned with your vision.  Once on site, we drive your project forward with passion and commitment, calmly and intelligently trouble-shooting any issues that arise and ensuring that you feel totally informed and protected throughout the process.

Drawing on our combined backgrounds in Law, Architecture, Project Management and Surveying, our expert team have a wealth of technical and practical experience.  We have built strong relationships over time with the leading architects and designers, project consultants and contractors in the industry and work sensitively and dynamically to get the very best from the team.

Each client is completely unique and whilst we are typically appointed to oversee a project from concept through to completion, we are also called upon to provide one-off pieces of technical advice or brought in part-way through a scheme by professional advisors to rescue a project that has gone substantially off-course.

For many of our clients, London is not their main home and the reassurance of having our on-the-ground, expert team to oversee their project through a very critical, client-focused lens is fundamental.  Whilst most of our projects are based in London, we do perform the role of Client Representative for a number of existing clients undertaking significant projects in rural England and overseas.


 Client Representative

 Project Management

 Ad-hoc project advisory

 Project rescue and turnaround