RFR’s market leading advisory team help private clients resolve and manage the many issues which can impact the amenity and value of their homes and investments. From everyday issues to the most strategic and complex residential affairs, we are recognized and valued by clients and peers for our ability to find and deliver solutions.

Drawing on more than 120 years’ experience in residential property and more than 50 years at some of the City’s leading law firms (advising across multiple sectors including real estate, private client, finance, insurance and dispute resolution), the Advisory team brings an unrivalled blend of knowledge and experience to each client mandate.

Where issues require it, we build and co-ordinate a team of trusted professionals from relevant disciplines across the real estate spectrum, providing clear instructions and ensuring our clients receive cohesive advice from the best practitioners in their field.

As a testament to the team’s effectiveness, nearly half of our referrals come from the City’s leading private client law firms who see RFR as a critical partner in delivering practical, comprehensive solutions to their clients’ residential property affairs.

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