Three into one

Recently engaged and combining their resources for the first time, our clients were focused on finding a long-term home which would perform well for them financially and prove a flexible asset (in case life took them overseas at any point).

Our clients had fallen for a specific West London terrace, and having missed out on two of these very special houses before they engaged our services, they were anxious to avoid this happening again.

Through a local architect our clients heard of another house on the terrace, then divided into 3 flats, which the owner was intending to redevelop and market herself. Since they were keen to put their own stamp on a property, our clients asked us to get directly in touch with the vendor and negotiate a deal on their behalf.

Another bidder briefly pulled ahead of us but we held our nerve and waited for the essential planning consent – the price proposed was far too high for the three flats had our clients not been permitted to reconfigure and extend.

Our measured approach payed off and our clients are happily installed in their newly refurbished property.