It’s a family affair

Working with our wonderful client and her husband, we had to accommodate two time zones and two different sets of taste!

Our client had an eclectic, bohemian style and, whilst her husband was more than happy for her design style to rein forth, he had very specific practical and tech-oriented concerns to address. We worked hard to ensure both their needs were carefully addressed.

In artisan studios and markets we explored her creative leanings and the vision began to take shape: French industrial lighting and cast-iron radiators created warmth. In the bathrooms, over-sized high-end nickel sanitary ware was complemented by a delicate vintage chandelier. We made considerable structural changes to create a vast master suite adorned with thick silk carpets, Indian throws and delicately papered walls, exuding a serenity and calm. He sought further solace in immaculate bespoke joinery and discreet state-of-the-art AV solutions.

“RFR’s commitment was exceptional. They really got onto my wavelength and helped expand my vision. There was so much passion.”