First home for the next generation

Our clients, the senior partner of a major law firm and his wife, approached us to find a London flat for their son who was just leaving university. It needed 2 bedrooms (the second would be rented to a friend to cover mortgage repayments) and to be close to the tube. Parents and son did not always see eye to eye on location!

We needed to identify a location that worked for everyone – somewhere young and fun enough for the son but where his parents would feel happy investing on his behalf.

We familiarised our clients with their son’s favoured postcodes (Shoreditch and Brixton) but they still preferred areas they knew already, particularly prime SW6. Unfortunately the local market there was overheating, and having had their fingers burned, our clients were relieved to be redirected towards West Brompton where there was growth potential but they would not have to overpay.

We secured a 3 bedroom upper maisonette (space for 2 lodgers!) with a roof terrace, which was in need of some refurbishment. Our Project Management team oversaw the works for our clients before their son moved into his new home.