Family Portfolio

Referred by her private wealth manager, this client approached us to assist with investing a substantial portion of her assets in a targeted portfolio of properties for the future benefit of her children.

Although her children are still young, our client wanted to retain the option of gifting each child one property when they reach adulthood. To avoid any sibling rivalry, the properties had to be broadly comparable.

Before engaging us, our client had bought her first investment property, (a pretty cottage in SW6) but found the process time consuming and incompatible with the demands of a busy family life.

For this reason, our client did not wish to engage in a major project – the properties we identified had be in close to move-in condition. Our client had a strong preference for familiar areas but rather than focusing on SW6 (where prices at the time were peaking), we suggested diversifying her portfolio into other South West London postcodes with a similar family lifestyle offering, architectural appeal and green space.